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Extreme adventurer joins Team firefly™

Richard Parks, former Welsh international rugby player, turned extreme environment athlete, becomes a firefly™ ambassador.

We are delighted that Richard Parks, former Welsh international rugby player, turned mountaineer, adventurer and explorer, has joined Team firefly™.

Richard who has already conquered the likes of Everest, the North Pole and the South Pole as part of his record breaking 737 Challenge, has been using firefly™ during preparation towards Project X – a new world first expedition planned in for 2014, which is currently under wraps. firefly™ and Richard have already been put to the test in the world’s highest mountain bike race – The Yak Attack in Nepal and the Jungle Ultra Marathon in Peru. Later this month Richard will take on The Brutal, a double Ironman in Snowdonia, Wales.  

As an extreme environment athlete Richard is performing in some of the most hostile conditions on the planet. Every detail throughout both training and expeditions has to be carefully monitored and planned and Richard’s recovery plays an integral part to success, “Recovery is absolutely pivotal to the success of my performance throughout my expeditions.” he stated. “I am thrilled to join firefly™, whose products have been part of my recovery system from -30°C to +40°C, from 5000m altitude to the depth of the Amazon jungle as well as day to day after heavy training sessions to help minimise muscle soreness.”

To find out more about Richard visit his ambassador page or go to

Picture courtesy of Martin Paldan