Firefly | Sports Recovery device for DOMS



Top tips to ensure you stay in first-class shape whilst travelling abroad to training camps, competitions and match fixtures. 

Did you know a staggering 85% of those at the top of their game suffer with air travel thrombosis?* People who are most at risk are in fact likely to be fit, athletic and involved in endurance-type sports such as triathlon, cycling and long distance running. (*According to a study by

Why?  Because people with a slower resting heart rate and sore muscles from exercise can be at a greater risk in the air than others.   

Therefore when travelling abroad for a training camp, competition, match fixtures or active holiday it’s vital to look after your body as best as possible. We’ve found some top tips to ensure you stay in first-class shape whilst travelling! 

Love your legs

The firefly™ device is the latest cutting edge technology that helps to increase blood flow in the legs, aiding recovery after a tough competition. Not only that, but it’s the perfect tool to help keep those legs nice and fresh throughout a flight. The device is quick and easy to apply plus small and light enough to fit perfectly into your hand luggage!  Simply attach the device to your legs and let the electrical stimulation pulses do all the work – helping to improve your blood circulation.

The British and Irish Lions used firefly™ on their tour of Australia last year, Dr Brian Cunnliffe, Sport Scientist of British & Irish Lions Rugby explains: "Within a tournament environment, travel, logistics and time challenges can often impact on a players 'best practice' recovery protocol. Having a portable, easy to use electronic device that stimulates blood flow to the exercised muscle can help a player recover during transit and optimally prepare for the next day's training session or game."

              Members of the British & Irish Lions Team (left) and Samantha Briggs (right) during travel. 

Samantha Briggs, 2013 World CrossFit Games Champion, talks about the benefits of firefly™ during travel in this video clip


Travelling home victorious after a long competition the first thing you want to reach for is the on-board champagne but try to resist until you get home.  At altitude the air in the cabin is less dense than on the ground and alcohol will only slow the process of getting oxygen into the blood stream, increasing the likelihood of prolonged sore muscles stepping off the flight.

Take a stroll

Try to move your legs and stretch your ankles by taking a short walk to the end of the plane and back, once or twice an hour.  When you walk, the muscles in your legs contract and compress your veins which helps move blood back to your heart aiding recovery.

Roll up your Stockings

Compression stockings are a great way to ensure much more pressure at the ankle and less pressure toward the knee. These can be worn at the same time as the firefly™ device to really look after your legs.  You can even purchase stockings that require a lower leg measurement to be sure you get the appropriate size. 

The Future!

And, for the super elite, Nike recently unveiled a crazy new invention for a new private jet so pro-athletes can travel with their teams to away games in comfort, and style! The plane includes super-sized sleeping areas, a massage room, and recovery stations (image below). All this to eliminate the home team advantage! Watch this space…

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