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Marathon-Man-UK finishes 200th Marathon!

Robert Young, aka MarathonManUK, has reached the half way stage of his gruelling challenge to run at least a marathon a day for a year to help and inspire disadvantaged children.  

On 17th October Robert finished his 200th marathon in 187 days, which is more than treble the current world record for consecutive daily marathons. However, it doesn’t stop there, each day Robert wakes up to run another marathon, followed by another and then another until he completes his final marathon (of this challenge) at the London Marathon on 26 April 2015. Watch this inspirational video to mark his milestone.  

Attempting to break a world record is not supposed to be easy, but take a look at these stats, which really put this challenge in to perspective.

We are proud to be supporting Robert with firefly™ devices to aid his recovery after each marathon so he can recover ready for the next day. We are grateful to Robert for finding time at the weekend to talk to us about his recovery after each marathon "I wake up each morning at 2.30am to complete that day’s marathon before I head off to the office for work. As soon as I finish the run I have a protein shake and put on my firefly™ devices to help me recover. Then it’s all about getting in as many calories as I can throughout the day.”

It is amazing that Robert can sustain his effort with the very little sleep that he actually gets – which is around 3½ hours a night – considering how important sleep is in the recovery cycle. However, everyday he finds the energy and motivation to run a marathon before most of us are out of our slumber!

Robert went on to tell us how his medical team are crucial in keeping him going. This team is headed up by Dr Courtney Kipps working out of the ISEH (Institute of Sports, Exercise and Health) who has deemed Robert a person of scientific interest and who Robert sees for monthly check ups. Robert also expressed his gratitude to his physio, Pippa Rollit of Richmond Physio, seen below treating Robert, and Dominika Brooks his sports masseuse, who regularly and ‘painfully’ he adds massages and manipulates his tired limbs. 

Robert visibly brightened up as he discussed how he is feeling now he has passed the half-way point: “It’s going great. My legs are sore but I will keep fighting and with the help of firefly™ and my physio we will be crossing the finish line at the London Marathon next year.”

We will continue to follow MarathonManUK’s progress, posting updates on Twitter, Facebook and our blog. You can also keep up to date at and by following Robert on twitter @MarathonMan_UK

Robert is doing this to help and inspire disadvantaged children by raising money for three amazing children’s charities, Dreams Come True, Great Ormond Street and NSPCC. Donate here to support these charities.