Firefly | Sports Recovery device for DOMS



Since launching the firefly™ device just over a year ago it has received sterling reviews from triathletes to runners, cyclists and everyone in between!

Receiving feedback from PR professionals, bloggers and serious athletes is invaluable to us and others who are considering using the firefly™ device. Stand out comments include:

“A credible and proven recovery tool.”

“I think this is a piece of running tech that might give you an edge.”

“Remarkable product that allows athletes to achieve considerably decreased recovery time.”

“A very clever device and really great piece of sports science.”

The firefly™ device received the ‘peak performer’ badge in Triathlon Plus in 2013 and was a finalist in the Sports Technology Awards 2014 earlier this year.

Keen to share these reviews and future feedback from our users we have created a new firefly™ Reviews page on the website for you to enjoy! 

If you are interested in reviewing the firefly™ device, please get in touch by tweeting us @fireflyrecovery or by email