Firefly | Sports Recovery device for DOMS



The firefly™ team visit Unique Performance Clinic as he becomes a new firefly™ stockist.  

It was great to visit our new stockist of firefly™, Nick at Unique Performance Clinic in Essex, last week.

Unique Performance Clinic offers a range of treatments to help people recover from sports related injuries, including unique technologies such as Active Release Technique (ART), Trigenics and Corrective Exercise Specialities – just to name a few.

Nick showed us around his clinic, which is very impressive with several treatment rooms and a well-equipped gym where Nick offers a conditioning service for athletes wishing to improve their performance. There was no gym session for us this time round but we promise to bring our kit next time!

If you have a sports injury or are seeking advice on how to improve your sporting performance and live in the Waltham Abbey area of Essex (or within easy reach of the M25) then Unique Performance Clinic is well worth a visit.

You can also buy a firefly™ device to reduce your muscle soreness when you start that new training plan with Nick! Find out more at  

Nick fitting one of his athletes with the firefly™ device after a session in the Unique Performance gym