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Team firefly™ CrossFitters ranked top 50 fittest men and women in Europe following five weeks of gruelling open competition workouts in a quest to be crowned fittest in the World! 

The Reebok CrossFit Games takes place each year to find the fittest person on earth, starting with a worldwide open competition. And, what a start it’s been for team firefly™ CrossFitters Samantha Briggs, Nicola Simpson, Emma Lewis, Becky Pykett and Steven Fawcett!

After taking part in five workouts over five weeks they have all qualified as one of the top 48 women and 48 men in Europe for the next stage of the competition - the Regionals - which will be held in Copenhagen this May.

Men's Rankings

  • Steven Fawcett - 42nd 

Women's Rankings

  • Samantha Briggs - 1st 
  • Nicola Simpson - 12th 
  • Becky Pykett - 22nd
  • Emma Lewis - 44th 

Not only is Samantha Briggs ranked 1st in Europe but she currently standing at number one in the world rankings too!

Congratulations all our team firefly™ CrossFitters who have performed out of their skin to make it to the Regionals.

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