Firefly | Sports Recovery device for DOMS


I use firefly™ as part of my recovery system from 5000m altitude to the depths of the Amazon jungle to help minimise muscle soreness.

The firefly™ devices are so light, small and simple to use, whether I’m at home, on a plane or in a tent, I can carry them even in situations when every gram counts. They’ve been part of my recovery system from -30°C in Antarctica on my most recent expedition to +40°C, from 5000m altitude to the depths of the Amazon jungle as well as day to day after heavy training sessions to help minimise muscle soreness.  During some expeditions and when I’ve been really pushing my body, I’ve slept wearing my firefly™ devices and compression wear to increase blood flow and help flush metabolic waste in my legs, actively recovering whilst I sleep. I’m currently using my firefly™ devices to prepare for my next world first expedition, and they will be on my kit list for the expedition itself.

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